inspiration } color combinations

I’d have to say for the most part I’m a neutral girl. I do love touches of color and have moments when I want to be bright and bold. For the most part though, muted tones are a great go-to for home + fashion… start with a great backdrop and then add color with an accessory (pillow, art, necklace, shoes). Because of this, I love this first combination of colors.


garland | wallpaper pattern | nook

With spring on my mind, this next color palette gets me in the mood for the beach, sun, and warmer weather. I love these colors in small amounts, but some people can pull off color, color, color and I love it.


stripes | watercolor tags | ribbon garland

On another note, I want to leave you with this quote. I just love it. Such the perfect reminder that every part of life is necessary to get us to where we are and where we are headed. Happy Thursday.