Market fun

Thanks to all who came out to Denver Flea this past weekend! I spent both days at City Park showcasing my textiles, pillows and paper. I had a great time connecting with so many people, meeting other local makers and enjoying the gorgeous weather (I'll maybe soon forget how hot it was)!

On Friday night, the tent, tables + sign were all set up and ready for products. Saturday morning, I brought in all the goodies and the final product was a clean + simple booth. My weekend view was a good one... I loved getting connected with so many people from the community and getting my pillows on to your couches ;)


good eats // 3

I'm a foodie. I love to make it & really love to eat it. I prefer to eat healthy too... I became a pescatarian about 7 years ago and while I don't freak out about having a bite of bacon (oops!), it's been my preference to mostly eat vegetarian with occasional seafood. These are the types of recipes I share - and there are a ton on my Pinterest board "eat" if you want more recipes that I have either tried or want it try out!

I put together these easy wraps in preparation for a camping trip to Moab a couple weekends ago & now they are a staple. I try to cut everything up and store in containers so that putting them together is super fast - or I make them ahead and wrap up for the next day. It was the perfect make-ahead camping food after a long trail run/hike one afternoon.

Veggie Wrap ingredients | Arboreal Creative

Ingredients :: High Protein Organic Tofu, cucumber, yellow & red fire roasted peppers, hummus, avocado & spinach (all from Trader Joe's).

Veggie Wrap w/dressing | Arboreal Creative

I got Lavash bread (also from Trader Joe's), but you can also use a tortilla as well. I love this Cilantro Salad Dressing for dipping as well. Spread the hummus, add all other ingredients and top with a little salt & pepper. A couple other toppings that I've tried and love are olives and grilled artichokes.

Veggie Wrap | Arboreal Creative
Veggie Wrap | Arboreal Creative

Inspired by // part one

If you've followed me for a while, you know where I draw my inspiration. Traveling makes my heart skip a beat... getting to explore another culture, experiencing all the sights & smells of big cities and little villages... all these things spark my imagination. I am constantly taking photos of color combinations I love, textures and patterns that jump out to me, and views that stop me in my tracks. I want to take you back to my first inspiration trip to Italy. And then maybe you'll understand why I kind of have an Italian obsession (besides the fact that I live and breathe for pasta, red wine, cheese, olives & bread).

An overlook in Vernazza, Italy

Vernazza, Italy is one of the small villages that make up Cinque Terre. This branch full of blooms, arched out in my view and became the inspiration for the pattern "Woven Branch." Starting with this image, I went through multiple sketches as well as computer variations before getting to the final pattern.

Final pattern

What first began as an eco-friendly paper goods company, has now moved on to textiles, wallpaper, table linens and gift wrap. I knew one day I wanted to see these patterns on pillows, drapes and it's all becoming a reality. All products as well as yardage are available on my website and also on Guildery offers CUSTOM COLORS for no additional fee! The soft tones of blue and neutrals are a personal favorite of mine, but we all know that may not work in your home. If you want to create a custom pillow or table runner and need help, just email me!

SO MANY sizes of pillow for your couch, bed, accent chair. I offer the linen/cotton blend as well as a 100% cotton duck option on my website. Check out Guildery for more fabric options.

I personally am still dying over the wallpaper. I cannot wait to find the perfect spot to wallpaper an accent wall.

Freshen up your home with a new set of napkins, a table runner or a set of tea towels.

Want to add a different type of art to your walls? The Woven Branch pattern is available as a canvas wrap and multiple sizes. Don't forget you can create a custom color!

These Faux Sherpa Throws might be my new favorite item added to the list of offerings at Guildery. This would be so perfect on a cold winter night and I love the soft blue color for a nursery...

Get gift wrap on Guildery as well! You can use it to wrap the most perfect gift or get creative and like drawers, a cabinet, frame it, make a tray, etc. If you find a new use for the paper, tag me and send a photo so I can see your creation! 

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.


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must have // Southern Firefly candle

Family owned. Hand poured. Incredible scents. Personal favorite? Orange Clove! Next to try... Tomato Leaf and Basil.

Southern Firefly Candle, a Nashville based company, developed a business model to include their two teenage children and to create an eco-friendly candle with a great scent and long burn time. All candles are made with natural soy wax, double cotton wicks, and no dyes or additives. The packaging and glass containers can even be re-purposed as drinking glasses for your favorite drink. Choose from their Destination Collection or the Classic Collection.

The Classic Collection labels were designed by yours truly. See more of my custom work at


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