good eats // 3

I'm a foodie. I love to make it & really love to eat it. I prefer to eat healthy too... I became a pescatarian about 7 years ago and while I don't freak out about having a bite of bacon (oops!), it's been my preference to mostly eat vegetarian with occasional seafood. These are the types of recipes I share - and there are a ton on my Pinterest board "eat" if you want more recipes that I have either tried or want it try out!

I put together these easy wraps in preparation for a camping trip to Moab a couple weekends ago & now they are a staple. I try to cut everything up and store in containers so that putting them together is super fast - or I make them ahead and wrap up for the next day. It was the perfect make-ahead camping food after a long trail run/hike one afternoon.

Veggie Wrap ingredients | Arboreal Creative

Ingredients :: High Protein Organic Tofu, cucumber, yellow & red fire roasted peppers, hummus, avocado & spinach (all from Trader Joe's).

Veggie Wrap w/dressing | Arboreal Creative

I got Lavash bread (also from Trader Joe's), but you can also use a tortilla as well. I love this Cilantro Salad Dressing for dipping as well. Spread the hummus, add all other ingredients and top with a little salt & pepper. A couple other toppings that I've tried and love are olives and grilled artichokes.

Veggie Wrap | Arboreal Creative
Veggie Wrap | Arboreal Creative

good eats // 2

When people hear that I am a pescatarian, so many can't even begin to think of what I eat. Apparently no chicken, beef or pork means that you go hungry? Not in the slightest. Anyone who really knows me, knows I'm an eater. This girl does not go hungry (and if I do, you'll want to find a granola bar asap because I'll be in a bad mood... ha). I'll be posting more about great recipes I've found or just made up as I go. Try them out with me. I pin recipes constantly and as I make it myself, I either mark it as *tested + tasty, or I delete it. I don't want to lead you astray with my pinned recipes... to start, a dip and perfect summer salad. Eat up.

photo & recipe |  Terrain

photo & recipe | Terrain

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