A second everyday

I was listening to the TED radio hour podcast during my workout the other day called Shifting Time. I learned about a new app and am so intrigued by this one :: "A Second Everyday" allows you to capture a second of your life every single day and stitches it together into a personal movie. It's so easy to forget some of the "little" things in everyday life and I love this idea of capturing all of these moments so you don't forget. What about you? Would you use this app?

Logo Details // Cartagena

Every once in a while I search through all my Cartagena photos to get a dose of style and color inspiration. I especially love several logos I saw there... the handwritten look on many of them works really well in my mind because they aren't the modern calligraphy or trendy scripts you constantly see. They are more stylized and will withstand the test of time.

*Side note: If you ever visit, Mila has the most amazing chocolates & pastries! It's a Cartagena MUST. We definitely were regulars during our visit.

A new chapter

Lots has been happening over here lately! The last several months have been spent pouring over testing colors on different fabrics, refining designs and finally the launch of my new textile line. A handful have been made into pillows that I will sell here on the site as well as wholesale to stores across the country. My travel inspired designs have taken on a new life on textiles that you can make into drapes, table linens, duvet covers and of course, throw pillows!

Meetings with interior designers from all over are going so well... I am so grateful for all the amazing feedback I'm getting and look forward to many more meetings to come. With all of that said, I have decided to sell the paper goods that I have in stock to focus entirely on this new venture. I have loved the paper world and plan to continue it - just on a custom basis. If you are ever in need of stationery or a special invitation, contact me. I would also love to keep connected to my stores and talk more about "specialty" wrapping paper, stationery and business cards designed specifically for you!

SHOP NOW! 75% off all things paper!

SHOP NOW! 75% off all things paper!

If you want to stay up to date on the textile line, travel, and every day life/inspiration, follow me on Instagram! It's where you can stay in the loop of what is happening in my world. Many thanks again for years of support in the paper world and I hope you love the textiles just as much!