good eats // 3

I'm a foodie. I love to make it & really love to eat it. I prefer to eat healthy too... I became a pescatarian about 7 years ago and while I don't freak out about having a bite of bacon (oops!), it's been my preference to mostly eat vegetarian with occasional seafood. These are the types of recipes I share - and there are a ton on my Pinterest board "eat" if you want more recipes that I have either tried or want it try out!

I put together these easy wraps in preparation for a camping trip to Moab a couple weekends ago & now they are a staple. I try to cut everything up and store in containers so that putting them together is super fast - or I make them ahead and wrap up for the next day. It was the perfect make-ahead camping food after a long trail run/hike one afternoon.

Veggie Wrap ingredients | Arboreal Creative

Ingredients :: High Protein Organic Tofu, cucumber, yellow & red fire roasted peppers, hummus, avocado & spinach (all from Trader Joe's).

Veggie Wrap w/dressing | Arboreal Creative

I got Lavash bread (also from Trader Joe's), but you can also use a tortilla as well. I love this Cilantro Salad Dressing for dipping as well. Spread the hummus, add all other ingredients and top with a little salt & pepper. A couple other toppings that I've tried and love are olives and grilled artichokes.

Veggie Wrap | Arboreal Creative
Veggie Wrap | Arboreal Creative