white :: clean & simple

An all white house or an all white outfit makes a great statement. I love the clean lines and the simplicity. The right touches of wood and a splash of color makes it even more interesting.

edward pond:ThisGlam.jpg
This is Glam.jpg

Pure & simple :: this is interiors and fashion done right. Top photo from the talentedEdward Pond via {this is glamorous}. Here, the perfect fabrics & textures are paired together.

Cafe Carolina 1.png
Cafe Carolina 2.png

I love the wood steps & flooring here as well as the dining area. More to view here from Cafe Carolina who also loves the idea of all white spaces.

Design Sponge.jpg

This great kitchen nook found at Design Sponge is a favorite. I especially love the wooden mobile and the old wooden picnic table.

Charlotte Toregaard:designworklife.png

Copenhagen-based LA Graphic Design created this clean look for their client Charlotte Torpegaard. via designworklife.


Photographer Per Gunnarsson a Swedish freelance photographer, specializes in interiors, architecture, food and product shots. Clean and simple is definitely his design style.