The Vicarello Collection LAUNCH!

…ever been so inspired by a vacation that you literally cannot stop thinking about it? …you want to go back every year to re-live the scenery, the food, every sip and each step you took? This is how I feel about Italy and to be more specific, a magical place calledCastello de Vicarello.

After forging through the narrow, winding roads of Italy — exploring as much that can be fit into a two week span of time — I was hooked. Italy is quite possibly my favorite place EVER
seriously. in. love.

…and this is where my Vicarello Collection was born. I might not have realized it at the time, but this place is what inspired the designs, colors and mood of this collection of stationery and wrapping paper. I hope you enjoy a little slice of my “Vicarello” — there will surely be more to come in the near future. Want to see ARBOREAL in a paper or gift store near you? Just drop me a line on my contact page and make sure your local shop is on my list!


P.S. On a side note, has anyone else seen info about this sketchbook project? } what a fun idea. Let me know if you are interested and maybe we can get a group to inspire each other and sketch!