let's travel

Friends…it’s summer (as if you haven’t noticed yet, right?). I am dying to travel. Today, let’s just pretend….let’s go to Barcelona. First of all, this will be me.


I’d take a walk through some museums and art galleries, stroll down pedestrian streets wandering in and out of bookstores & small markets, and then grab an afternoon snack at the outdoor café. The rest of the afternoon, I’d enjoy the park or the beach, and finish the day sipping a cocktail at my fabulous hotel bar before heading out to the theater. Yep, that sounds just about close to perfection right now…..

I certainly wouldn’t bypass a store like bimba & lola to have the perfect thing to wear during all these excursions. So, what style defines you? I’d say I’m feeling more Sartorial today, but I love a little of each. Just depends on my mood ;)

Bohemnian Decadence.png
Night Clubbing.png