The time is now!

My love of paper & design started early. Just ask my mom and she’ll take credit for putting crayons in my hand when I was in a highchair. Trained as a graphic designer, I practiced for 3 years in Birmingham, AL – first, at an ad agency, Luckie & Companyand then at sister companies Details Communications & Details Direct, boutique design shops. Deciding that there was more in the creative world for me, I made a move to the coast of Florida and settled in to Rosemary Beach and made the jump to the interiors world. I quickly learned the in’s and out’s of managing a retail boutique shop, buying & merchandising for Tracery Interiors. Fast forward to about a year & a half ago – I had been working at a great paper + gift store, Social Graces, doing all things creative…buying, merchandising, marketing and custom design.

custom trio.jpg

I was constantly surrounded by wonderfully designed stationery & invitations. It finally hit me… I wanted to create a line of my own. Understanding the need for more paper options that are made of recycled materials inspired the basis of what my company is built upon. Creating quality paper products in an ecologically sustainable manner. { Arboreal is defined as: relating to, or resembling a tree } This will be my outlet to share what inspires me…graphics, interiors, colors, patterns, typography, traveling and anything else random that might be fun to share…cheers to a new beginning.